How to pitch solid Virtual Events for brands and sponsors [with slide presentation plan]


How to pitch solid Virtual Events for brands and sponsors [with slide presentation plan]

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Online events have many benefits both to companies and attendees. And in order to sell them to prospects and current clients,...

How to increase productivity when working from home [5 step practical guide for teams and individuals]

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The escalation of 2020 coronavirus pandemic all over the planet led to a new remote work trend. Entire teams and companies needed...

How to get your conference app downloaded by 100% of your guests. [Top 4 tactics with practical examples]

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You probably faced this situation before: you ordered an amazing branded conference app for your next corporate event. But how to...

What’s an offsite meeting and how to organize one [with agenda examples]

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Offsite meetings can significantly improve both a company’s productivity and the work environment. It’s one of the best...

Aleksandra Panyukhina, Head of Event Marketing at SEMrush, reveals how to perfectly integrate digital and in-person experiences.

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Is there a more relevant topic than Consumer Journey on the agenda of event marketing today? Not surprisingly, digital and...

Event production common mistakes to avoid in 2020.

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As important as what you should do, it’s what you should not. Event production common mistakes can ruin weeks or even months of...

The best proven ways to use Black Friday to sell more tickets for your events.

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Long gone is the time when Black Friday was only about electronics and clothing. It now brings huge discounts on products from...

Top 7 ways to promote your event agency [including 0 marketing budget ones]

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If you’re an event planning agency founder or you’re thinking about breaking into the entrepreneurship universe, knowing...

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