InEvent Awarded Best Technology Startup in 2018

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InEvent, Inc. was awarded “Best Technology Startup”.

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Posted on November 12, 2018

On November 7, 2018, it was held in London the 6th edition of the “Event Technology Awards”. It is considered one of the world’s leading awards in this field. The award aims to recognize companies that have best promoted digital and technological solutions for events. and is known for being the only one that brings together agencies, brands, buyers, and suppliers in the same celebration. InEvent, Inc. was awarded “Best Technology Startup”.

The award has 30 categories, such as, “Best Audiovisual Technology” and “Best Sales Technology”. During the event, we could see how much InEvent was recognized as a three-year-old startup that takes on end-to-end technology for corporate events. It has been more than 4000 events InEvent, Inc. has created a solution for.

InEvent, Inc. solutions include Briefing, Budget Management, Operational Logistics, Live Data Analysis Custom Event App if requested, Access Control, Travel Management, E-Mail Marketing and more.

We are really happy that we received this award. We would like to thank all of our customers and we hope we can achieve much more in 2019.

Our Story:

In 2014, three young entrepreneurs (Pedro Goes, Mauricio Giordano, and Vinicius Neris) had the idea of creating custom event apps. They were selected by one of the main startup acceleration programs in Europe, the Lisbon Challenge.

In 2015, the first version of the product was created. A year later, they founded InEvent, to help business promote experiences to guests in Corporate Events.

Currently, InEvent is expanding globally, having their two major offices in New York City and in São Paulo. Some of our clients are: Coca-Cola, Santander, Libbs, Stefanini, XP Investments, Amazon, Globo, Bayer, among others.

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