Events in the healthcare industry, with Event Coordinator Rennan Tonini.

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Posted on December 9, 2019

How to pass the credibility of a product with a tone a voice that is simultaneously commercial, but also scientific? Medical technology has been significantly upgraded by recent innovations. Building a well-being cultures is key when communicating the message of events in the healthcare industry.

Today, Rennan Tonini, Event Coordinator at Align Technology talks with us about the subject. He’s so passionate when talking about his profession that his excitement is almost jumping out the screen. So, enjoy his analyses, perceptions and recommendations for 2020.

1 – Who’s Rennan Tonini and how did you find out your passion for events?

I am 31 years old, born in Rio de Janeiro and been living n São Paulo for almost 2 years now. I’m happily married and in love with life and complexity of human beings.

My passion for the events has been ignited very early, because I had an example of resilience and success at home. My mother, an independent and empowered woman, worked in the tourism industry. She was always attending events and generating business in the corporate environment. That enchanted me. My dream was to follow her path and become a successful executive. Her life was full of business travels and that was what I wanted most.

When I really started to study and specialize in the field, I saw the world was not just about travel, but also about continuous studies, market analysis, people management, projects, suppliers, spreadsheets, accounts, contracts and etc. All of it besides performance measurement in the organization of events. Today I can say that I am psychologically connected to the situations I face in my routine. But this it is part of the show and that’s what fascinates me most in the events industry.

There is nothing like it. I can create processes, structures and, in the end, the experience of an event will always be different. In addition, it will always bring a different return to all of the participants, no matter if it’s educational, motivational or commercial.

I have a graduation in Marketing and I also a certified professional in Tourism. Half of my career has been in multinational event agencies and for over 6 years I have been working directly in events of the healthcare industry.

2 – What are the preferred kind of events in the healthcare industry and usually what’s their main challenge?

In my experience, educational events and conferences where companies can commercially display their products are the most held in this industry.

The biggest challenges are “How to pass the credibility of a product with a tone a voice that is commercial, but also scientific“? This is a major issue of these event models within the healthcare industry. As much as companies work in different segments, passing on educational information is a fine and delicate line that marketing and scientific / clinical areas need to build, in order to be transparent for the public.

One of the roles of an event manager is to guide and help create segmented agendas. That’s how we can deliver exactly what the audience needs through the dynamics performed in the event. Alignment is critical to build robust content that can increase the credibility of the products or services presented on events.

3 – The word experience showed up a few years ago, as a substitute for event. It seemed to be an overrated marketing terminology. It’s clear now the it’s not a buzz word anymore. In fact, trends point that experiences will be the main factor adapting business models to consumer behaviors in the next decade or so. So, how does and experience differ from an event?

Yes, that is a fact. In fact an event is an experience. It can be worked in many ways, creating the right personas for each type of goal. We, organizers, have the common habit of creating groups with the same interests, thus generating a consistent experience. It helps on generating the expected “return” with a previously chosen audience.

The biggest issue with events in this new age is that these audiences are changing and increasingly individualizing their thinking, desires and needs, event managers will increasingly be focusing on consumer behavioral study technologies to understand the individual needs of their audiences and generate the expected content; We will have more and more “generalized” and less “specific” content when it comes to events for the general public, but with the participant can choose to continue specific themes through F2F contacts with members of the company,  focused online courses.

The individualized experience will continue to grow, but events will always be a means of delivering messages quickly and with impact, generating digital and physical connections with transparent goals through dynamic and sensory experiences. Therefore, I see positively this advance in individualized needs through experiences.

4 –  You’ve been organizing events throughout Latin America and you’re also a Board Member of Meeting Professionals International. How does geographical location affect a corporate event

Yes, I’ve worked in companies focused on the Brazilian market and at other times I’ve had to coordinate events throughout Latin America and occasionally some in the United States and Europe. The biggest difference in these markets is actually the local culture, each country has a way of working, customers with different needs, suppliers with different services and etc, here in Brazil we can say that we can always find a way to do it.

As hard as it may seem, out there, things are not so flexible, which is good up to a point, because it requires more detailed planning and less surprises. Emergency orders may even exist, but they will have the famous urgency rates, which are pretty high. Regarding customer experience itself, is not difficult to deliver the message as long as we have people who understand the local market on a daily basis, capturing feedback, conducting research and studying the real needs of the specific region regarding the contents of the events.

5 – Healthcare, medical and orthodontics industries are among the most tech-savvy industries. New products and advancements are out quite frequently. How does that apply to healthcare events? Are they making use of as much technology as their products?

Events are the main channel of communication, education and activation in the healthcare industry. Thus, they need to be directly linked to the message through technology.

Nowadays no one has patience to spend hours in a room, just watching content. Whatever it may be, we need to harness other features and dynamics that connect with event content. Event apps, virtual reality and sensory activities are some of the popular experiences linked to the “human” needs. Plus, they keep up with organizers pursuit of innovation and technology in a humanized and individualized way. Therefore, meeting the exact expectations of a particular participant.

Science is always changing, so the way it delivers anything also needs to keep up with digitization and customization, making it clear and practical to the audience.

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