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How to get your conference app downloaded by 100% of your guests. [Top 4 tactics with practical examples]

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Posted on February 28, 2020
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You probably faced this situation before: you ordered an amazing branded conference app for your next corporate event. But how to make people download it?

There are so many doubts once you decide to digitize your event marketing. You made your research, compared features, checked exactly how that’s going to help you, carefully chose a  vendor and, suddenly, a question pops up: what if my guests and participants don’t download my conference app?

Creating an application can be a lot of work. However, this part is not always the most difficult. Because for many, the challenge is to publicize the application and make attendees download and engage with it.

Culture can help you here, since it’s becoming really rare to attend a conference that doesn’t have an official conference app. So, if you can’t obligate anyone to download it, there’s a couple of strategies and tactics to ensure more attendees will engage via app with all the surprises you prepared for them.

Your VIP’s can get each other’s contacts via app? Questions for speakers can be sent via you event mobile app? So Build a sense of community while firing up the FOMO. Also, organize emails highlighting each one of these benefits.

Firstly, you don’t have to wait for your application to be ready to start your content marketing strategy and thereby generate business opportunities for your company. So think that your promotional work starts the moment you order the developing of your conference app. So think that your promotional work starts the moment you order the developing of your conference app to custom web development Chicago.

This will ensure that you build your brand image and position yourself as a market specialist, before you even market your solution. Therefore, for this strategy to achieve the expected results, the ideal is that you start with the basics.

As a rule of thumb, once a lead registers for the vent and becomes a confirmed participant, send them emails 30, 15, 7, 3 and 1 days before the event. Remember: it’s ok to overload your attendee with information, since it’s useful and you break down this info to cover one topic at a time.


An in-house example, from us, at InEvent

Here, at InEvent, when we’re about to launch a new feature, we prepare our audience for that. As a product-led company who listens to our clients for continuous improvement based on their needs, we constantly learn how we can make our customer’s life easier.

A couple of weeks before releasing our 1:1 Meetings feature, for instance, we told our clients that was just about to come and what that would be about. When you do it, you let people know you’re listening and working for them.

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mobile check in via conference app

2. Mobile check-in via conference app

It’s the best and most efficient way for access control. Thus, in the case of events that do not have accreditation at the entrance, the best solution is to check in via the mobile application. In this case, guests can either self check-in or with staff assistance at the door.

In addition, this entrance control increases security as it reads the ticket through the QR code and almost instantly validates the ticket and accuses falsifications. Maybe, this check-in can also be combined with the verification of a piece of ID from the participant, so you get a double factor safety measure in your favor.

Check for yourself how easily that can be done in the InEvent platform:


3. Remarketing / Retargeting

This technique is so efficient, that we explained it in a exclusive blog post, only about remarketing. It is worth reading, if you are new to the subject or if you want to go over the main concepts, because in it we focus exclusively on how event professionals can benefit from it.

That’s because remarketing is an extremely effective method of talking to anyone who is interested in your event. And best of all: that person has interacted with your content before – whether it was exploring your website, visiting the social networks of your event or even entering your registration form.

This potential customer has made it through more than 70% of their buying journey – all they might need is a little push. Finally, with remarketing (or retargeting, as it’s also called), your lead receives personalized advertising on their browsers and social, according to factors such as the content he interacted with, the device he is using, etc.

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paperless business

4. Go paperless

Why would you need a physical ticket or invitation, for example / Isn’t it time to go paperless?

Transport, fuel, waste… the carbon footprint of the events industry is undeniable. Trends reports, such as Corporate Event Trends for 2020,  are highlighting the efforts and concerns about the future, with companies already putting on a hard effort on sustainability.

Concepts such as the circular economy can make us optimistic and think about less complex solutions we take from this very moment.

Want to boost up your event marketing in 2020? So  start using InEvent today!

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