corporate event trends for 2019

3 corporate event trends for 2019

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Posted on October 31, 2018

Some habits fall behind as new event trends emerge in the MICE industry every year. Event organizers who want to stay relevant need to be aware of what 2019 will bring. Check out 3 of the top event trends for 2019!

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is an event trend that will remain strong in 2019 for the MICE industry. It has made an impact over the past few years, offering innovations into how the audience interacts with brands.

Experiential marketing activations promote brand-audience loyalty, attracting more sponsors and increasing the ROI. Not only do they add a logo to a pamphlet, but they do encourage experiences with brands that will make people remember even after the event, potentially sharing on social media.

A report titled “Brand Experience for Millennials” by the Freeman agency states that the days when the audience were pleased with being passive while listening to long-winded product presentations are over. Today, content needs to be about exploration and discovery, putting the audience in an active position.

Check out some examples of this event trend:

-> In 2009, the automotive industry was starting to choose more environmentally friendly products and Volkswagen decided that making people´s habits healthier would be part of its branding. And it would need to happen by people having fun! So it was born “The Fun Theory”: fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better. They set an experiential marketing activation in Stockholm, Sweden, by turning a subway staircase into a Piano.

-> Jet Blue Airways wanted to promote the launch of its direct flights from New York to Palm Springs and the experiential marketing activation they used was entitled “Icebreaker”. They invited New Yorkers to “break out the winter” by breaking large ice blocks set in New York. The ice blocks contained prizes, such as free airfare, accessories to be used in Palm Springs and accommodations to the desert. The only rule was: for breaking the ice, people should use whatever tools they had on them.

large ice blocks set in New York

Even if your budget is low you can use this event trend. Ideas for delivering experiences to event attendees can be diverse, depending on your team’s creativity from booths to take personalized selfies to incentive travels.


The use of technology continues as an event trend for 2019. Although many events still maintain their analog processes, which tend to end over the years, many event organizers have migrated their daily practices to digital. They automate tasks and can focus on creating strategies to provide unique experiences to the participants. Event management platforms are used to assist both organizers and attendees, promoting agility, comfort, engagement, security and data collection.

-> Event trend alert! Technology helps marketing actions and logistics.

Event trend for 2019!

Event trend for 2019!

-> Event trend alert! Attendees are always informed about everything related to the event by the App on their smartphones. Also, the engagement increases with the interaction provided by the App, whether it is exchanging messages, commenting on posts or during the lectures Q&A.

Event logistics

Event trend for 2019!

-> Event trend alert! The accreditation process has been facilitated through the use of QR Codes or face recognition, avoiding queues and delays.

QR Code for events

Event trend for 2019!

-> Event trend alert! After the event, from the data collected, you can get reports, so that upcoming event plans have a more certain targeting level.

report and analytics for events

Event trend for 2019!

Awareness and sustainability

Maybe the most significant event trend for 2019 is sustainability. The use of technology has allowed the reduction of printed material, which has adapted to the world’s concerns with the environment. Sustainability has also become part of many companies branding, which requires close attention from event organizers.

Awareness and sustainability

Awareness and sustainability

However, as an event trend sustainability goes beyond reducing the use of paper. Adopting the use of recyclable or reusable materials, donating excess food, saving energy and leaving the least possible carbon footprint (gas emissions) are some of the attitudes that are taken as part of this event trend. Thinking of how the event affects the place that hosts it — the legacy –, is also rising.

To delve into these three event trends for next year’s events and learn more about others event trends, download our guide ’11 corporate event trends for 2019’ by clicking here.


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