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Meet NEO, our new Virtual Lobby interface.

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Posted on November 8, 2020

With an eye on yet another growing demand in the virtual events market, InEvent has just launched another exciting upgrade: NEO.

InEvent launches NEO
InEvent launches NEO. See how it looks now.
NEO is the WOW moment attendees are expecting

NEO is the WOW moment attendees are expecting

The novelty of the time is NEO, the new InEvent platform User Interface (UI), designed to WOW and amaze attendees on each and every interaction, from start to the end of any event.

In short, the system brings a clean, fresh, and professional look that allows multiple breakout rooms, virtual rooms, online events, meetings, private chats, and group chats, all in one single platform.

According to InEvent CEO and Founder, Pedro Góes, what differentiates NEO from other virtual events tools is that any virtual fair can be structured and customized with infinite possibilities for visual communication, design, and exhibition of services. In addition, it demands low cost and fast development time.

NEO anticipates the next industry move

NEO anticipates the next industry move

NEO is already available for all InEvent customers and you can see how it looks right now.

But that’s not all. It is also prepared for the next movement of the MICE industry, which indicates that virtual events will be one of the hottest marketing channels of 2021.

“As much as virtual events will never replace in-person trade shows and conventions, we want to make sure NEO is ready to serve both 100% online events as well as hybrid events. Our intention is to add value with technology and expand the possibilities, facilitating and streamlining the experiences, engagement, and retention”, comments Pedro.


NEO, the new UI of the InEvent platform.


InEvent is a leader Mar-Tech platform to host your next hybrid or virtual event, with worldwide support, custom branded scalable design, transparent pricing, and feature-rich customizable tools.


Click here to watch the official launch and learn more about NEO’s features.


Already available. If you’re already a customer, learn how to start using NEO today. If you’re still not working with InEvent, you can start your 30-day trial period now.

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NEO is provided to all of InEvent customers hiring the Essential, Basic or Enterprise plans.

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