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Posted on April 18, 2019

Every year, Event Manager Blog publishes the Event App Bible research. This is the most referenced guide to event apps in the world, displaying 350 apps which are classified using quality criteria like customers engagement, service/support, security and integration solutions.

InEvent is one of the best rated apps in 2019! Its software fulfils all quality criteria shown on the research, such as:

-> PROGRAM & CONTENT (E.g: Attendee can export/email their notes, personalized schedule and favorites to calendar and email, Speaker profiles…)

-> NETWORKING & PROFILES (E.g: Forum messaging (in-app public chat), Privacy settings, Attendee profiles and list…)

-> ENGAGEMENT & INTERACTION (E.g: Event news and updates with push notifications, live pools, In-app social media)

->CHATBOTS (E.g: Log live support staff and Machine learning/AI to personalize and improve the user experience)

->SERVICE & SUPPORT (E.g: online chat support, dedicated project manager available…)

->SECURITY (E.g: Password-protected app, NFC Integration)


Did you know?

Event apps became more easier and accessible in nowadays. Event App Bible shows that demand for apps in the event software market is 68% higher than it was in 2018.

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