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Managing your agenda: How to keep up with the deadlines of the event production

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Posted on January 14, 2019

Keeping up with all the processes required for an event production is one of the key challenges for anyone who deals with that kind of routine. Keeping track of suppliers’ progress, what their contacts are, worrying about invitations and attendance confirmation are some of the activities that require time organization and agenda
management. That’s why we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to help you manage your event so that everything works out as planned.

First of all, you need to think about time management. Everything will work like an orchestra, in which you have control of the baton. Suppliers, guests, staff, partners, each element having their right time to get on the scene. So keeping up with the deadlines of the event production is crucial for you to be able to articulate everything without losing any detail.

Having a cohesive team for organizing events is very important and everyone needs to be involved and aligned with the information and progress of each step, assigning a task that is relevant to their profile and tracking the demands through a worksheet for events. Make sure responsibilities are clear to everyone and be always available to assist your team. This is a basic but fundamental tip for everyone to understand the importance of their role and that you are aware of everything that is happening.



Managing the event phases: what should I pay attention to?

You must be aware of the deadlines of each event phase, knowing exactly when steps should be taken so you do not skip important actions or forget anything. Good event planning is important so that everything is in the right tempo at the right time. Some tips you can take advantage of are: make sure the attendees receive the invitations; if the suppliers are with the service confirmed; if the venue is appropriate; if the team has their activities as planned. One important point is thinking of the external environment. Will there be any big event on the same day, nearby? If the answer is yes, it can disrupt the start flow of your event and compromise the entire agenda you had scheduled. If the event is performed in an external environment, check the weather forecast. Some sites indicate the forecast up to 3 months in advance.

We know that even a small event requires planning and organization so that everything goes as expected and having some tools makes a difference when it comes to keeping track of everything that needs to happen. In addition to a spreadsheet, in which you can
enter all important information, the use of technology for corporate events can be a differential for the management of all event phases.


How will technology help in the management of your event?

Some event platforms provide everything from spreadsheet integration, making all data accessible, to managing guests and RSVP. In addition, it is also possible to use mobile push notifications to send information, reminders and save the date, which makes it easier for you to have control over the first steps of the event organization. An event platform like InEvent provides end-to-end corporate event solutions, bringing together everything the organizers need in one place.

For the progress of the event, it is possible to count on spreadsheets, forms, and automation of schedules. Everything so that you have control and time optimization to dedicate yourself to each one of the small details. And those details are the ones that will make the success of your event, be it small, medium or big. By using an event system you can also send an email of thanks and a form for collecting suggestions from the event attendees. Everything so that, in the next opportunity, you already have the necessary information to always produce successful events and more singular experiences for your attendees.

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