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Maximizing Your Event’s Reach: 7 Zero-Cost Marketing Strategies to Try Now.

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Posted on May 15, 2019

Here in the InEvent blog, you can learn more about digital transformation in the events universe. Now, we will show you how to improve your event marketing on the internet with 7 – completely free event marketing ideas!

First of all, let’s start with the basics: you need to have a blog and social media profiles for your event. It´s the first step. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook… it depends on where your audience is on social media. Have you already done it?  Great job!

Grab your notepads because here are the tips:

Make some cool lives with Instagram

Lives in Instagram are such a great idea to improve your event promotion.

When you do a live video on Instagram, friends receive a notification that you’ve gone live and can tune in whenever they like. Viewers can then add comments during the video. It is perfect for improving your event promotion!

You can ask the speakers to do some lives before the event in your profile, and during the event, lives can increase engagement with your target audience. You just need to encourage them to use it. Always promote your hashtag!

Get Content From Speakers

Talking about speakers, they likely have content you can use.

Ask them to do some blog posts, videos, and some live streams to your public. You can also ask the speakers to post this content on their social media profiles, too. Take advantage of the audience that your speaker has to advertise your event to an even larger number of people, who are probably exactly your target audience.

Hashtag, always!

You can create your own hashtags to promote your corporate event. This is useful to promote your event before it happens and during the event: you can promote your official hashtag and screen it across the event in real time through your event app, if you choose to have one.

Also look at the trending hashtags on Twitter. Use one in your post, even if it’s not associated with your event, but make clever use of it, ok?

Pitch some journalists

Yes, journalists can be your best friend in promoting your corporate event.

Don’t forget writers for magazines, travel sites, or anything that fits the type of events you´re putting on. It´s also important to make some connections with them before asking to promote your event. As you may know, networking is everything!

Submitting Guest Posts for Greater Reach and New Audiences

It´s important to consider submitting guest posts to sites with the audience you’re trying to target.

Search for some websites which have similar content and audience then your event. You can offer a blog post using your tags and also improve your own event blog. Many websites are looking for this kind of partnership to improve Google’s search ranking.

Offer “tag a friend” discounts or specials.

People are more likely to attend an event when they have friends going, right?

You can do this with an Instagram giveaway for your public. You can raffle tickets through an Instagram post, where your followers must tag a friend to have a chance to win.

The purpose of a tag-a-friend Instagram contest is to increase the reach of your event through its followers. By tagging someone else, your followers are helping introduce new potential customers to your corporate event.

Publicize your Event with Email Marketing

Yup, you read that right. In addition to social media and blog posts, email is also an effective way to promote your event and sells many tickets.

It is important to personalize your emails for each public that you have. For instance, if it’s an annual event, create a special email for people who have attended in the past and also for those who missed last year.

You can also use the subscriber’s first name or company in the subject line (there are many platforms that help you to do it). You can even tailor the description of the event based on the interests of the audience. If you know they’re interested in a particular topic or theme, set up your email so those areas of interest can be automatically included in the copy.

Don’t forget to add info and a URL about your event to your email signature. Also, work on clear Call-to-Actions .

Now you can improve the promotion of your event using these free event marketing ideas that cost no money!

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