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How important is to have an integrated cloud at your company

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Posted on April 18, 2019

Digital transformation improves our lives, this is not a new thing. But many companies seem to have problems to aplly digital transformation on their
business routines. For instance: in a travel menagement process, your team use Excel and another offline features? Do you handle many distinct softwares at the same time, being each one for a single purpose?
As you can see, that’s is the past.

On the other hand, have your needs to import and export data using Excel ceased? Are your archives and documents available on your company’s CRM? Can your team work on them anywhere and anytime? Are your platforms integrated with each other?

If you answer is “no” for at least one of those questions, maybe you already know something about digital transformation, but probably not using it for your advantage, on daily basis.

The following topic refers to a main characteristic of digital transformation on companies: the cloud integration. It opens a whole new world of opportunities for organizations to connect many platforms, such as Google Analytics, SalesForce, Marketo, Paypal and more. With only one software connecting all these services, sales, marketing, finances and all teams from your company can deal with the same data, and they can acess it from computer or mobile.

With InEvent for instance, you can combine many features of these services in our platform to have a centralized hub of information.


What is cloud integration?

Cloud integration is a collection of tools that connects many applications for a real-time exchange of data. Once combined, these dat can be accessed by multiple devices through the internet.

Cloud integration is an essential part of Internet Of Things – IoT. It means offline devices (Alexa for example) using features hosted on the cloud through the internet, enabling them to send and receive data. Data is important for you to know more about your customers and their needs, to organize tasks, access details about a project from wherever you are, and much more.

Advantages of cloud integration

A cloud integration platform allows a faster process when closing deals and also offers a better user experience. Beyond that, with a cloud integration platform your company may reduce operational costs, since many of these platforms are provided through a software as a service (SaaS) model, much more accessible than buying a whole customized software.

That’s because cloud is scalable, allowing resources to be tailored to your demand. This scalability allows SaaS companies to decrease their product price since their cost is highly reduced in comparison to offline datacenters.

Cloud integration like the Google cloud platform also increases performance of gadgets and improves them to become prominent IT infrastructure. And it allows a close integration between devices and offers mobility never seen before. When you purchase a software as a service (SaaS) which have a cloud integration, you guarantee a crucial advantage over the costs of services and also a data sharing between areas of your company., providing a global view of the organization.

Today, many softwares have a complete integrated cloud system. InEvent for instance, is an event marketing platform as a service. InEvent is integrated with several marketing leading SaaS solutions such as Salesforce, Marketo and Google Analytics.

Event planners can integrate their event logistics, budget, schedule, and operation in just one software. It means all files that are important to planning travels, events, meetings and much more are on the cloud, using less space, accessible to people you want to and with much easier means to measure information, organize tasks, have a sense of costs and other aspects.

Learn more about cloud integration on InEvent.

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