The 7 most burning questions we get about virtual meetings

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Posted on November 12, 2020

Virtual meetings are already a reality. And we would be silly to still believe that they are a temporary solution. In fact, this is a question that seems to be already cleared up: this new channel is here to stay.

Recently, we shared our first three and perhaps most valuable lessons on virtual events. These were quick wins that, right in our first tests, showed we had a great opportunity ahead.

Even when the corporate events industry is fully recovered, virtual and hybrid events will be part of any 360º marketing strategy.

Still, there are many doubts about the future of virtual meetings. So, we gathered the most frequently asked questions we get in our own virtual meetings. Additionally, we also took the chance to link it to the resources we have produced so far. Here we go!

Among the main advantages of virtual events over face-to-face events, we can mention the possibility of reaching a large audience. As there are no physical barriers that prevent the presence both of speakers and attendees, you can amplify your message exponentially.

In addition, with the chat tools, it is possible to have a lot of engagement and interaction during the transmission of online events. Finally, because by reducing expenses with logistics and F&B services, your costs will drastically be reduced.

2. How do you keep attendees engaged during virtual meetings?

Online events and virtual meetings are populating the internet with content. But how to make these occasions a two-way road, with more communication and interaction with participants? Apps are becoming a viable option to connect.

The InEvent platform has built-in tools such as instant polls and chats. On top of that, if you want to use your favorite apps like Mentimeter or Wooclap, as well as a bunch of other choices, it’s perfectly possible.

So you can bring different proposals through interactivity and even apply some gamification strategies to engage your attendees. Check out 6 plug-in apps that can power up your virtual events.

3. How to organize an effective virtual meeting the right way?

It is worth mentioning that most of the time that a corporate event is held, the company plans many months before it occurs, and in several situations, it is common to notice that as social gatherings occur for something important of prestige.

Whether you’re planning an invitation-only exclusive meeting or a huge sales convention, we recommend you to go through our recently released step by step 2021 Guide For Perfect Virtual Events.

4. What’s the best virtual meeting software?

Corporate virtual events and all their benefits for business are mainstream now. It’s a new strategy for an old story: those who are seen are remembered. So, nothing better than this type of opportunity to expand a brand, a product or simply improving the relationship with a company’s customers or employees.

And one of the most crucial factors to achieve success when using this new powerful channel is choosing the right technology for impactful and consistent results. We prepared a guide on the best platforms for virtual events, so you can see for yourself what technologies are able to serve your strategy. Here’s the link to our Best Platforms to hold virtual events [2020 updated].

Furthermore, it’s also relevant to understand what kind of devices and equipment will help you on optimizing your virtual events performance.

5. How to get sponsors for a virtual meeting or online event?

When trying to sell an online event for your clients, it is important to make it easy for them to buy. Remember to shorten the steps of your prospect’s buying journey.

Your future customers need to know they’re making a great choice – preferably, the best purchase they could ever do.

For that, we put together an article listing every single slide and information you should make clear when looking out for sponsors and partners. You can access it by clicking on this link: How to pitch solid Virtual Events for brands and sponsors [Slide Presentation Plan].

6. How long should a virtual meeting be?

To take the lead in this uprising market of virtual meetings and understanding the impact of using these technologies, you need to have a clear picture of how this market is evolving.

For that, we separated some virtual events benchmarks, including the ideal length of the sessions, so you can see it before your competitors do: 2020 Virtual Events Benchmarks to see before your competitors do.

7. What are some ideas and examples of virtual meetings?

When do participants remember and return to the next meeting? When their previous experience is remarkable.

Besides, word of mouth is still the best marketing any brand can get. And after more than 6 months that virtual events have been around, we can curate good examples and ideas to inspire your next occasion.

Firstly, it’s good to highlight that making virtual meetings goes beyond the delivery of content. We put on a list of 5 practical tactics to make your events more interactive and increase the chances of success.

The focus needs to be on the experience of your participant, regardless of the type of event. The organizers need to think “What would make my users talk about this event, even after it’s finished?

We also have a curation of virtual events case studies. They have all been held recently, so we gathered their main numbers and achieved results.

Also, if you’re looking for specific case studies, we recommend watching the success stories of some of our clients, like OITVOIP and Sana.

Keep learning! Take advantage of our free and always updated resources:

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