The 10 best LinkedIn groups for Event Profs to join now

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Posted on December 3, 2020

Whatever your specialty in the industry is, there are LinkedIn groups for event profs where you’ll fit in.

Most importantly, because participating in them is the first step towards being permanently updated.

Secondly, because LinkedIn has consolidated its image as the most appropriate place for event professionals. Also, because it’s in this social network that it is possible to meet other professionals, chat, and exchange information.

In short, joining LinkedIn groups for event profs makes it easier to stay up to date with industry trends, make valuable contacts, and become a reference in your field.

But, what LinkedIn groups for Event Profs should I join?

There are dozens of event-related communities on LinkedIn. Thus, going through them all of them hoping to find the ones that are worth participating in can be an inglorious task.

There are not only groups that specialize in specific areas of the event industry as groups with different styles that may or may not be useful for you. For instance: some groups are strictly commercial, while others more organically fed.

Moreover, many concentrate a steady stream of posts with rich comments, while others have less debate.

Though, this read aims to bring you the ultimate list of all the best LinkedIn groups you wanna be in to make decent networking, as well as keeping constantly updated about the latest trends. To take networking to the next level, you can use an email finder like ContactOut to continue the conversation via email and discuss potential partnerships. LinkedIn actually has a built-in tool called Sales Navigator that allows you to combine email with LinkedIn marketing. You can manually export leads from Sales Navigator and reach out to leads via email.

The 10 best LinkedIn groups for Event Profs

1. Eventland (300+ members)

Firstly, Eventland is the fastest-growing global event profs community. The group includes leading industry professionals eager to help peers in planning and delivering virtual and hybrid events.

Distinctively, community members benefit from exclusive perks, including a monthly newsletter, early registration to events and lifetime access to InEvent’s content.

2. MICE – Meetings, Incentives, Convention, Exhibitions Group Worldwide (9,800+ members)

Almost 10,000 members bringing together the crowd that works in the MICE industry.

3. Event Industry News (14,054+ members)

Created by the renowned Event Industry News group. Therefore, it’s where you can exchange experiences between peer marketers, planners, C-levels, and advertisers.

4. Event Pros (159,105+ members)

Created by Lotfi Senhaji and Bob McGrath, it already brings together more than 150,000 people on the subject.

5. Event Planners and Coordinators (105,152+ members)

A marketing group for everyone interested in event planning. Thus, here’s where event planners and managers share, suggest, and request course recommendations, as well as professional tools and platforms.

6. Marketing Executives Group (135,526+ members)

With a focus on C-levels and Senior Managers. Thus, the subject here revolves around strategy, business, and metrics.

7. Event Planning & Event Management – the 1st Group for Event Professionals (398,290+ members)

Currently the largest LinkedIn group for event profs.

8. BizBash—Event Pros Gather (74,354+ members)

Group to answer questions and talk everything about events and conferences.

9. International Association of Exhibitions and Events® – IAEE (30,461+ members)

A group that addresses business topics regarding the events industry: moreover, this community offers tips about courses, workshops, lectures, online and in-person events. Also, there are loads of reading recommendations.

10. Sales and Marketing Tips for Event Planners and Managers (23,768+ members)

As the name says, a LinkedIn group specialized in sales and marketing for event profs.

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