What Event Planners Can Learn From The Holiday Shopping Revolution

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Posted on December 4, 2023

What Event Planners Can Learn From The Holiday Shopping Revolution.

The holiday season is upon us, and while it’s a time for joy and celebration, it’s also a perfect opportunity for event planners to learn valuable lessons from the holiday shopping revolution. Just like retailers go all out to create a magical shopping experience, event planners can apply similar strategies to make their events unforgettable. So, let’s unwrap the insights and strategies that event planners can learn from the holiday shopping frenzy.

1. Embrace the Spirit of Engagement.

During the holiday season, the air is filled with excitement and anticipation as shoppers immerse themselves in the shopping experience. Event planners can capture that same spirit by focusing on creating engaging and interactive experiences for their attendees. Think of ways to captivate your audience at every touchpoint of their event journey.

From interactive activities and games to networking opportunities and personalized surprises, infuse your event with that holiday magic. Encourage attendees to actively participate, connect with others, and leave with memories they’ll cherish long after the event is over.

2. Harness the Power of Technology.

Just like Santa’s sleigh is powered by technology, event planners can leverage the latest tools to enhance the event experience. 

Jewelry giant Swarovski launched an AR experience allowing customers to virtually “try on” sparkling accessories via an app mirroring the true shine and sparkle. Large retail chains like Simon Malls are finding success with shopper-focused chatbots. Event planners should consider a chatbot for their mobile app to answer common questions so staff can focus on other tasks.

power of technology in the holiday season

Invest in event management software, mobile event apps, and other tech solutions to streamline registration processes, facilitate networking, and provide real-time updates to attendees. With the right tech, you can make your event seamless, efficient, and unforgettable.

Imagine attendees accessing event information at their fingertips, engaging in interactive activities, and connecting with like-minded peers through a mobile app. It’s like giving them a digital gift that enhances their overall event experience.

3. Create a Sense of Holiday FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

During the holiday season, shoppers feel a sense of urgency to snag the best deals before they disappear. Remember Black Friday? Exactly. 

Event planners can tap into that feeling by creating a sense of FOMO for their events. Offer early-bird registration discounts, limited-time promotions, or exclusive access to certain event features. You can also create a sense of urgency in your marketing messaging – use words like “hurry” or “act now” to drive home the point that there is only a limited time. Additionally, consider creating exclusive experiences or VIP packages that offer extra perks and benefits to make attendees feel truly special.

You’ll create a buzz and excitement around your event by making attendees feel like they must act quickly to secure their spot. People won’t want to miss out on the unique experiences and opportunities you’re offering.

4. Personalize the Event Experience.

Just as gift-givers take the time to select the perfect presents for their loved ones, event planners can personalize the event experience for their attendees. Collect and analyze attendee data to understand their preferences, interests, and past engagement. Use this information to tailor event content, recommend relevant sessions or activities, and send personalized communications.

By making attendees feel seen and understood, you’ll create a deeper connection and increase their overall satisfaction. It’s like giving them a gift perfectly suited to their needs and desires.

5. Spread the Holiday Cheer Across Multiple Channels.

What Event Planners Can Learn From The Holiday Shopping Revolution

During the holiday season, you encounter festive decorations, enticing ads, and special offers wherever you go. Event planners can adopt a similar approach by spreading the holiday cheer across multiple marketing channels. Embrace social media, email marketing, content marketing, and other channels to reach a wider audience and create a consistent brand presence.

Integrate your online registration platforms with offline promotional activities to maximize visibility and attract diverse attendees. Make sure your event’s message and branding are consistent across all channels, like a beautifully decorated tree that shines in every corner of the room.

To wrap this up:

Event planners can learn valuable lessons from the holiday shopping revolution. By embracing engagement, harnessing technology, creating a sense of FOMO, personalizing the event experience, and spreading the holiday cheer across multiple channels, we can create events that leave attendees feeling merry and bright.

So, let’s take inspiration from the holiday season, sprinkle some magic into our event planning, and create experiences that attendees will remember long after the last snowflake has melted.

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