Top facebook groups for event profs

The top 5 Facebook Groups for event profs

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Posted on January 5, 2021

Facebook Groups for event profs are great communities to keep updated on the latest industry developments and best practices, get inspired with innovative ideas and connect with like-minded peers.  

As event professionals and marketers, we thrive for ideas, information or expert tips that can help us make better decisions and be more creative at our jobs.

With the myriad of publications available and the abundance of content online, it’s not always clear where to turn to. Facebook Groups for event professionals are a good choice. But why exactly is that?

Why Join Facebook Groups for event profs?

Why Join Facebook Groups for event profs?


As mentioned, joining Facebook Groups for event professionals can make it easier to stay in the know. Fellow event professionals compile and curate some of the best thought-leadership content from multiple sources.

Then, although LinkedIn Groups for event profs have undoubtedly gained some traction, Facebook Groups tend to be more active. Indeed, 74 % of Facebook users log in daily, and more than half log in several times a day. So, this means that you will come across more content and are more likely to be helped promptly when needed.

Crucially, groups can be valuable because members are event professionals like yourself, facing similar challenges. Therefore, they can give the most informed advice based on experience on what has worked for them or not. Those personal experiences can be vital when choosing products or service providers to take on.

To make the most of your membership to these groups, be sure to check them on a regular basis. Set up notifications for new posts so you can like, comment, and interact with other members. Be proactive and share your personal experiences and content that you´ve found interesting.

What Facebook Groups for event profs you should join

What Facebook Groups for event profs you should join


Facebook Groups are plentiful, and it can be difficult to find top-quality content. Many groups are full of spam and irrelevant content that can be a nuisance in your feed.

Additionally, some specialize in specific areas of the event industry, such as weddings, or decorations. Some groups are more geared towards experienced professionals and others towards early career professionals or even freelancers.

With that in mind, we have outlined the Facebook Groups that are worth joining today. This list is mainly based on popularity (number of members), topics of posts (industry-relevant), and moderation (low volume of spam).

While these Facebook have a decent followership and audience, they should not be considered a marketing channel for self-promotions. In fact, many of the groups restrict self-promotions or ban them outright. So it is imperative to carefully read the group guidelines before joining.

EventProfs Mastermind

EventProfs Mastersmind describes itself as a community of progressive event planners & professionals, connecting to share ideas, debate topics and collaborate with one another.

While it is not a group where you’ll find daily content, it is a great place to ask professional peers for help and suggestions. Whether you are looking for a virtual events platform or a ready-to-use event checklist, members are at hand to help.

Keep in mind that blog posts and event invitations relevant to the industry are allowed, but products and company promotions are not permitted.

The Delegate Wranglers

The Delegate Wranglers is a Facebook group for professional conference organizers and events industry suppliers. It is a group with more than 21,000 members, created and moderated by event organizers and beaming with daily content.

It is a welcoming community eager to help. Also, it is a place where you can advertise and find industry jobs and freelance positions. 

Distinctively, this group sets specific times where event services suppliers, event organizers and freelancers can promote themselves.

Event Pros Gather

Event Pros Gather is a group created and moderated by Biz Bash, a leading publication for event professionals. With over 18,000 members, it is an excellent group where to seek advice on vendors, gain inspiration, and debate industry issues with fellow professionals.

Importantly, the group´s guidelines outline that all posts promoting products or services, gated content, or lead generation campaigns will be deleted. 

Event Planners Forum

Event Planners Forum is a group dedicated to event planners´ education, training, and mentoring. Contrastingly, networking is discouraged and no self-promotion is allowed in the group.   

The group has over 11,000 members, and is focused on useful resources for event planners working in social, wedding, corporate, and political events. 

Event Technology Help

With the inevitable shift that many event professionals have taken towards virtual events, this group is definitely a must-join. 

Given the overload of technology options that have sprung up to support virtual events, we can easily get lost. In that context,  the Event Technology Group – moderated by Event Tech Live – is a great place where to turn to peers for advice. 

Indeed, members come to each other´s support with recommendations on platforms and plugin-apps for events such as polling, trivia, or gamification apps. 

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