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Posted on August 16, 2023

The power of social media is undeniable; we all know how powerful and to what extent it can outrage its horizon. Likewise, in event planning, it can do wonders. In early 2023, an Event Manager blog revealed that “social media is of high importance to event profs,” and particularly with “event planning,” it has stated that “more than 85% event planners are using social media for promoting their event.”

In addition, promotion on social media is not only to stick to Facebook or Instagram but beyond and across all social media channels. According to the same survey, “75% of the event planners believe that social media is the best platform for promoting their content.”

In this article, we will have a closer look at the art of social media for event planners and what are the best tips for event planning.

Top 9 Tips To Use Social Media To Promote Your Event:

#1 Do Not Underestimate The Power Of the Right Channel:

Before starting with any event, This must be your Rule #1 and Priority #1. You must know the right platform or channel to ensure your event reaches the right audience. 

For effective social media marketing and successful events, “hang out” at every spot where you can gather appropriate knowledge about your audience. Don’t frown at it; it is not that hard. But if you mess up at this stage, the chances of hitting a successful event can be meager.

For a powerful event marketing strategy and successful execution of events, immersing yourself in gathering valuable insights about your audience is paramount. Don’t underestimate the significance of this process; it is not as daunting as it may seem. Understanding your audience’s preferences, interests, and needs through active engagement on social media and other relevant platforms can significantly impact the success of your events. 


#2 Use ####:

One of the most effective SEO tips has to be hands down to hashtags (####). Opt for a funky but easily crackable hashtag, so your audience can remember it and refer it to friends. The best tip: is to use all of your content in trendy hashtags and encourage your friends, followers, and fans to use them.

Did you know that: according to Hubspot “This is so much so that the latest Instagram statistics show that an average Instagram post contains as many as 10.7 hashtags”

Bonus tip: try to search for the hashtags that are trending and are of your event interest, too; try to use them in your content but do take care of the plagiarism. 

#3 Do INVEST In Social Media Ad Campaigns:

Many event organizers or planners resist when it comes to ad campaigns because the success rate can be uncertain. Also, for small-budget events, it can be complicated to manage, but investing in ad campaigns can bring you more revenue than your budget.

You must know which platform to target since Facebook has the largest network of almost 2.95 billion monthly active users. Not only this, but Facebook’s ad manager gives you an edge to create, optimize, review, and manage your ads closely.

#4 Make The Most Use Of Influencer Marketing:

Let’s be very clear — you must have bought something by getting influenced by any of the social media people. According to Twitter, 40% of Twitter users say they have purchased inspiration from influencers. 


It has been seen that influencer marketing content can drive up to 11x higher ROI to your event or business. To lift your event tickets, influencer marketing is the best way.

#5 Create A Sneak Peek:

Do you know what is so true about social media? They love to see what is behind the scenes. So to create hype for your event, there is no harm in giving a sneak peek of your event.


Just like here is an example of Deepika Padukone posting her BTS picture of Oscars 2023, where she can be seen preparing for her speech before the event.

#6 Run A Competition:

Who does not like freebies? — We all do! 

So, to get more engagement on your event, giving freebies or running a giveaway for your audience will be bright. You can ask your followers to like, share, comment, or save your post and maybe tag their friends to get more chances of winning the contest.

Social media contests are an effective strategy for small businesses to engage with their audience, foster growth in their following, and promote their brand. By offering enticing prizes that resonate with the target audience, businesses can leverage the power of social media for small business to encourage meaningful interactions with their brand. 

#7 Use Instagram Stories And Post Countdowns:

There is a unique and interactive feature of Instagram where you can add a time sticker as a countdown to any of the events you want to mention. You get an edge even in customizing the colour and text of the sticker.

The viewers will get a notification upon subscribing when the timer runs out. This can help both the event planner and the audience not miss out on the event and engagement. Also, you can use social media analytics tools to further enhance the reach and impact of such notifications, providing valuable insights for optimizing future events.

You can even add this to your site and it’d be great if you run an ecommerce store. With implementing ecommerce automation, you can ensure that all your website visitors are informed about the upcoming event, thereby streamlining your processes and enhancing the overall customer experience.

#8 Do Not Forget To Make An Event On Facebook:

As mentioned, Facebook has the largest active audience among all social media channels. Therefore, creating an event age on Facebook is very effective since it enlarges the horizon of engagement.

Not only this, but the discussion portal of the Facebook event page is enormous for announcements or Q&A. Also, it is easily shareable among friends.

#9 Make The Use Of Fans To Create Content:

There is no second doubt that people trust people and like to hear from people similar to their interests. How about using the content that is generated by your fans? Isn’t it a smart move?

User-generated content, aka UGC, is now one of the most valuable and trustworthy methods to engage your audience in your event. However, it can save you time, money, and even resources; not only this, but it can build a good image of your brand too.


It is wise to promote your event on all social media handles. Still, the main difference comes in when you know how to differentiate from your competitors and have a successful event — these tips can help you become the differentiator!

Max S is the co-founder of an agency for Instagram growth services. He is an expert in providing consultation in social media growth services.


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