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Posted on January 25, 2023

There is a motive behind hosting any event. Be it a corporate event or a product launch. Every business has some set goals and strategies to achieve the best results. 

Now, we know that hosting events are an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. But, there are many factors that contribute to making your event truly successful. 

A successful event can impact your business significantly, increase sales, and boost brand visibility. However, to achieve these results you have to draft out a flawless event with mainly three things – perfect execution, management, and event engagement. 

These three things can build up a great event for you. But we understand that it can be troublesome to manage it all single-handedly. Here we have a list of tools to make your in-person event amazing. 

Outstanding Tools To Make Your Events Better

Picking the appropriate event management tool can be a task in itself. There are many factors to look for while choosing a tool. This is why we have curated this extremely functional guide for you to help you choose the best tool for your event.

1. InEvent

If you aim for hosting a seamless event, then Inevent is just the tool for you. It is a powerful event management tool for all types of events – hybrid, virtual, and in-person. 

InEvent has been a part of huge events and has helped event hosts to execute a perfect well-managed event. It allows event managers to host even large scale events with ease with its impressive features like touch-free check-ins, live streaming, badge printing and networking, and web-ready event mobile application. 

It makes the whole process of event management from registration to assigning seats at the event easier for hosts. 

2. Taggbox Display

Events have a soaring high potential and it is up to event hosts to retrieve that potential and convert it into an advantage for the brand. Every event needs a unique factor to stand out and make it to the media. 

Taggbox Display is a social media aggregation and UGC platform that allows users to collect social content from various social media channels through hashtags, user handles or tags, and curates that content to display in the form of a social wall. 

Event hosts can include social media wall in their events on various digital screens and use the wall to their benefit. They can conduct interactive sessions, conduct contests and display UGC from the event live on the social wall, and increase the event’s engagement. 

3. Cvent

Cvent is another spectacular tool to make your in-person events amazing. It is a highly advantageous tool that allows users to manage their events seamlessly and give the attendees a good experience.

It can handle everything such as finding the right venue for your event, sourcing, managing registration and providing on-site solutions.

Cvent also provides web-ready mobile event apps and more perks. Cvent offers a full suite of tools that allows you to automate and eases the entire process of event planning.

4. Whova

Whova is another efficient event management tool. It is an all-in-one software for all types of events. The tool allows event hosts to complete tedious tasks in only a few simple clicks. 

With Whova, you can make your event look extremely professional, boost event engagement, save time to the event hosts and enable them to focus on more important things.

Its efficient features include mobile brochure announcements, ticket management, email campaigns,and promotions. 

5. b2match

b2match is an all-in-one in-person, virtual, and hybrid event networking platform with a strong focus on b2b matchmaking powered by latest AI machine learning algorithms. Their event management software can be used to cover the entire life cycle of an event. It includes countless customizable features that increase meeting numbers and inspire meaningful connections. Some of those features include branded event landing pages, attractive participant profiles, dedicated marketplace to showcase products, services and other opportunities for collaboration, customizable registration, branded company pages, integrated video meetings, chats, meeting management tool, and other.

6. Slack

An essential part of event planning is proper team communication. While hosting an event, team members, volunteers, and vendors need to be in proper sync so they know where the arrangements are going. 

Slack is an efficient communication tool that allows users to communicate without any hassle. You can secret separate spaces for different topics of discussion and manage team communications more flexibly than ever before. It is a free tool and can be used for an unlimited time period.

With Slack, you can keep all your conversations in one place and work faster with more efficiency. It is a high-functioning tool that can increase the connectivity of the team members.

The Final Word

The past few years have seen a sudden change in the style of hosting events. This is because of many factors, but mainly because of the pandemic’s hit. 

We have gone from not knowing what virtual events are, to totally relying on them. But, now that the world is coming back on track and in-person events are on the rise, there are so many new additions in the sphere of event management. 

Event management tools are becoming significantly popular and are providing seamless solutions to event hosts for hosting perfectly executed events.

In this blog, we have curated a listicle of top in-person event management tools to help you achieve the results you desire for your business.  

This article was written by Prakash Rawat is a savvy digital marketing specialist. For the past two years, he has been specializing in SEO, PPC & Marketing Strategy. You can reach out to him on Linkedin

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