B2B marketing for virtual events


B2B marketing for virtual events

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Here’s what you need to know about B2B marketing for virtual events in 2021! B2B marketing – what is it?...

3 check-in solutions you need for safe hybrid events

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Find out the best event check-in solutions you need for safe and seamless hybrid events. ...

How to build a captivating sponsorship proposal for virtual and hybrid events

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Find out how to create a sponsorship proposal that captivates sponsors to support virtual and hybrid events. ...

Eventland, the all-new global community for event professionals

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Eventland is a new community of creative, supportive, and outstanding event profs from all over the globe....

How the education sector is leveraging the power of virtual

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The COVID-19 pandemic upended the education sector, but institutions admirably adapted to these new virtual times. The COVID-19...

3 key takeaways from InEvent Kick-off 2021

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InEvent Kick-off 2021 was InEvent´s first event of the year, bringing together top marketing, tech, and event professionals to...

Dream team: putting together the perfect team for virtual events

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With virtual events, we tend to be enthralled by the novelty, the technology, the shiny platforms, and features. However, while...

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