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Tech innovations that are transforming virtual events

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Our top picks of tech innovations that promise to make hybrid and virtual events that much better. Nearing the end of 2020, the...

How Covid-19 will change the future of virtual events forever

Views: 19191

Here’s how the pandemic will continue to influence the future of virtual events. Covid has left an undeniable mark on all...

B2B marketing for virtual events

Views: 19917

Here’s what you need to know about B2B marketing for virtual events in 2021! B2B marketing – what is it?...

4 key takeaways from the Hybrid Shake-Up

Views: 7087

Discover the key takeaways from our latest event that will help you power up your hybrid events. The Hybrid Shake-Up was an...

6 steps to get your attendees to market your event

Views: 19605

What if your attendees could be not only active at your event but also active for your event? Here’s how to get your...

Audio marketing: 5 strategies to boost an event brand and lure attendees

Views: 13287

Discover the best audio marketing strategies to power up your event brand and attract attendees. The power of audio for marketing...

5 ways to create culture-centric virtual events

Views: 18087

Virtual events are currently taking center stage, allowing for a rare opportunity to increase inclusivity and culture-centrism....

Making the Right Choice: Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid? [Infographic]

Views: 19781

Explore the pros and cons of virtual, in-person, and hybrid events through a comprehensive visual infographic. Did you like this...

3 check-in solutions you need for safe hybrid events.

Views: 20251

Find out the best event check-in solutions you need for safe and seamless hybrid events. ...

Event Profs Communities: the best practices for successful community building

Views: 19123

Learn how the best event profs communities build successful communities worth joining. ...

Hybrid event production: 5 platform features to look out for

Views: 23059

Discover the key platform features that will support your hybrid event production. ...

Clubhouse App: What can event profs learn from its success?

Views: 11384

Find out the reasons behind Clubhouse's overwhelming success and what event profs can learn from it. ...

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