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Posted on May 28, 2020

With the sudden change of consumer habits of the last three months or so, having a community that cares about what you have to sell became probably the single most effective online presence tactic.

In this talk, Liz Caruso remembers the importance of brands to be seen and remembered by their consumers during the pandemic period. After all, it’s simple, but being simple might be not so easy.

We’ve been talking about innovation and the future for quite some time. And now we have the chance of practice this future for real.

1. Who is Liz Caruso when she’s not working?

Well my newest role recently is a mom. I had my first son in the fall of 2019 and it’s been amazing. I’m a big family person and love to spend time with my parents, siblings and 6 nieces and nephews. I also love to cook and play around with photography – particularly landscape photography! 

2. We’ve been talking a lot about Personalization and 1:1 Marketing. How can brands and agencies adapt their strategies to it?

Personalization definitely is key these days. I think brands need to think about this and everything from personalizing subjects and content in email campaigns.

But also in how you acknowledge the people who are attending your event. For instance: customizing schedules, recommending sessions based on personalized content. These are all things that artificial intelligence allows us to do so that our attendees feel engaged and important. 

3. Can we expect any of these personalized customer experiences coming out of the screens in the near future?And when that happens, how you think it’s gonna be?

I guess we are already seeing a lot of personalization through mobile in the form of ads that recommend content and experiences. I think operating systems on mobile will become more dynamic. They will help users predict apps and screens that speak to them based on personality.

Because so much content is done on the phone, there is so much data available about an individual by looking at mobile history. I think it is only a matter of time until companies are really leveraging that data to personalize an experience.

4. What about marketing professionals who are not necessarily event technologists? What’s their role in the event innovation ecosystem?

In addition to all the talk we’ve already had about personalization, I think we have already seen a huge shift in marketing towards a more human connection.

Especially in times like this, during the coronavirus pandemic, we find that people are gravitating more and more towards community and connection. We need to speak to this drive in our marketing and spend more time building community then we spend pushing products.

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