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Posted on September 17, 2021

With a little bit of creativity and reconfiguration, reimagining the remote workforce has never been easier.

With the transformation of the world of work, industries have adapted to the changing times in many remarkable ways. For example, medical teleconsultations, courses, online classes, and many seminars and conferences have virtual and hybrid options. 

The workplace has finally been reimagined, with many companies and organizations worldwide offering remote vacancies, expanding opportunities for diversity, inclusion, and access to a skilled workforce from all around the globe.

At such a time, the need to innovate technology to help bridge the gap between skilled employees situated in various locations and thriving companies is imperative. While innovation is key, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. 

Here’s how to go beyond a virtual events platform and use InEvent as a workplace.

Virtual lobby as an office

InEvent’s dynamic virtual lobby can be used as a remote office, connecting employees from all around the world. Each department can have a virtual lobby with customized backgrounds, activities, and an integrated agenda.

For recurring meetings or team sessions, you can save helpful links, group rooms, and on-demand sessions for ease of use.

InEvent GM
InEvent GM


Host onboarding sessions on a platform that allows you to keep your attendees engaged with interactive features. Incorporate polls, encourage a flow of communication with questions and chat tab, and an area to store saved resources, such as links, company policies, and other documents.

Training rooms

Upskill your employees with online training. As management, you can compile detailed analyses and automated reports with the attendee journey, which allows you to monitor who attended the sessions and how long.

Compounded with the attendee tracking tool that generates an automated pop-up, requiring attendees to prove their engagement by clicking, at the end of the training session, you will be able to know who was invested in the training and who dozed off.

1:1 meetings

Some situations require more confidentiality than others, as is the case with one-on-one meetings. From the virtual lobby, team members can reach out to one another directly with a message or a video call to brainstorm, discuss or clarify issues amongst themselves, creating an environment conducive to clear communication.


While constantly evolving, the workplace will always require effective teamwork. Through networking sessions, keep your employees engaged with fun, interactive activities, designated departmental virtual lobbies, resulting in optimal team collaboration.

An inclusive workplace

The epitome of the “new normal” is inclusivity. With a sign-language channel and real-time transcription, your virtual world of work would welcome a diverse workforce that caters to those whose needs may vary.

Transform the way you work and go beyond with InEvent as a workplace.




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