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6 Best Email Invites Templates For Virtual Events

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Posted on September 28, 2020

You don’t have to be a professional email marketer before you can send wonderful email invites such as party invitations, free invitations, wedding invitations, etc.

Also, you don’t have to spend countless hours trying to come up with great invites.

Guess what?

All you have to do is understand what people want to read and know before choosing to attend your event. Also, you need to create an invitation that sells!

Here are six of the best email invite templates that you can use.

Say goodbye to generic invitation emails

Sometimes, people lose track of the emails that they get. With more than 269 billion emails being sent and received, that’s a lot of emails to keep track of every single day. That means if your invites end up with the giant pile inside a person’s inbox, chances are they’ll overlook it.

InEvent Email Creator lets email recipients register for an event via the link inside the email. This virtual event invitation places the call-to-action in the following ways:

  • The email header
  • A hyperlink in the body text
  • The final CTA button

Using repetition is how this email template gets recipients to notice the email invite more and interact with it.

InEvent Talks

example of a landing page

InEvent Talks‘ promotional email includes the core elements of an enticing email invite.

We have professionally designed this email to incorporate a striking design from top to bottom, with a combination of colors and patterns that is eye catching

Then, the essential event information (theme, sessions, content) stands out visually as well.

Finally, a colorful CTA is appealing, working effectively to persuade recipients to join the event.


Percolate comes with simple, fascinating designs you can use for your email invites. However, what makes this different from other email-invites software is that it lets you customize GIFs relevant to your event. (Now, who doesn’t like to see GIFs?).

What’s cool about Percolate is that the customized GIFs can relate directly to whatever you are emailing about. For one company, Transition, they included a ping-pong GIF because they were advertising a ping-pong party!

This way, you’re creating an on-brand visual representing your company and capturing the reader’s attention. Your recipients will answer the email invites promptly and won’t forget your company.


If you want to transform your boring all-white backgrounds of an email, and you want to put in as much relevant information as possible, then Opticon is for you!

This email invite lets you keep the aesthetic neat and simple. There are only two bright blue CTA buttons that sandwich the text, making the invite feel clean for the recipient. A simple design, yes, but it can still go a long way when sending invites to potential guests.

“Rather than cluttering your email with different images and colors, consider reverting to a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing design with Opticon. The blue and white color scheme makes the whole email look very clean and professional,” suggests Veronica Lianson, a tech writer at State Of Writing and Academized.

Google Cloud

google invitation by email

It comes as no surprise that Google, one of the world’s most successful companies, knows how to create an amazing event invitation email.

Google Cloud’s event invitation email gives you all the information upfront and is straight to the point. They include the event date, the event location, and the ‘register now’ button in a clean and simple format.

The ‘register now’ button is included a second time after the main body of the email. In just one second, the reader knows all of the necessary details and how to sign up – showing how much Google respects their invitees’ time.

Facebook Developer Conference

Facebook has created many different sub-apps to make the social media experience more fun and more convenient. And with their Developer Conference feature, their invite templates focus on clarity and subtlety. This one is ideal for anyone looking to invite people to live streams (for example, Facebook Live).

In one example email, there are a total of 47 words in the entire mail! This email invited readers to a live stream of an event and contrasted the CTA button with the rest of the text for a simple and effective way to attract viewers.

ANA Masters of Marketing Conference

Backed by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), JPMorgan presents the Masters of Marketing Conference, which helps brands get recognized through their invites.

Leveraging the event credibility, this email invite lets you convey your message via video, making it more exciting than regular text. It enables you to invite people personally, letting you customize your video by invitees’ names.

“Conveying a message through videos can make the email feel much more intimate and frankly interesting than a plain text email. The fact that you can customize the video to include individual’s names makes it even better,” says George Smith, a content writer at Revieweal and UKWritings.


Do you love to tell stories? Then go for WistiaFest!

Not only can you make videos to send to the people on your list of invites. You can also incorporate stories and playful puns to make your event invite sound fun and exciting. Imagine telling a story in a YouTube video – that’s what it feels like when using WistiaFest.

The only significant text that you need is the date, time, and location of your event. Its minimal information and a fun story are crucial to pulling off a successful email invite.

The team at WistiaFest has designed a clever way to hook the reader and increase the click-through rate. That’s by having a pun as the email title and a video that catches the reader’s attention right away!

So, telling a story through video acts as a fun way to get your readers onto the landing page – and it will undoubtedly make your email memorable!


product landing page

Asana is a project management company, giving teams worldwide the power to organize their projects effectively. In their email, they provide all the information upfront and use an excellent design.

They’ve even bullet-pointed the vital info included in their Virtual Event. These points include how to reduce go-to-market time, strategies to improve product launches, and real-world examples.


So, if you’re sick and tired of the monotony of a plain, faceless email, and you want to get more people to come to your event, consider one of these nine email-invite templates for your next invite venture.

Although these email-invite templates will help you get the ball rolling, you can still learn from them. Whether you consider using them or not, all you need are the following to make your email invites stand out and attract people to your event:

  • An effective call-to-action
  • Great storytelling
  • Unique designs and phrases that stand out
  • A good amount of repetition – just enough to grab people’s attention
  • Incorporating video
  • Creativity (the most important factor of them all)

What are you waiting for? Make your email invitation for events stand out from the crowd today!

About the Author: Katherine Rundell writes for Paper Fellows and Assignment Writing Service. As a marketing professional and strategist at OXEssays, she enjoys researching and writing about topics in marketing trends. In her spare time, she vlogs about fashion and does makeup tutorials online.

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