Event Management Software Pricing: A Comprehensive Guide

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Posted on April 18, 2024

Event management software has become essential in organizing and conducting events seamlessly, automating tasks like marketing, registration, coordination, and scheduling. It offers key features such as attendee registration, badge creation, calendar generation, venue space management, and self-service functions, making it invaluable for event planners and organizations. Understanding event software pricing, including options like event app pricing, is crucial for selecting a system that meets one’s specific needs without overspending.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on event management pricing, covering the spectrum from free options and pay-per-registration to subscription-based and enterprise solutions. Focusing on offering reliable insights into event management software pricing models, it aims to help readers navigate through various pricing strategies to find the most cost-effective solution for their events.

The Importance of Understanding Pricing Models

Understanding the pricing models of event management software is pivotal due to the dynamic nature and complexity of the industry. Event planners and organizations face the challenge of selecting software that fits their operational needs and aligns financially with their budgets. Standard pricing models like subscription-based, tiered, and pay-per-event offer varied options but require careful consideration of the total cost of ownership, including factors like return on investment (ROI) and customer support.

Key Pricing Models and Considerations

  1. Perpetual License: This model involves a one-time payment, giving the user the right to use the software indefinitely. It’s suitable for those who prefer to avoid recurring costs.
  2. Subscription: Users pay a monthly or annual fee, typically including updates and support. This model is beneficial for those needing flexibility and ongoing support.
  3. Open Source License: This license is often free to acquire, but the costs for implementation, integration, and maintenance can add up.

Each pricing model caters to different scales and complexities of events, from small gatherings to large-scale international conferences. The choice of model impacts the long-term scalability and flexibility of the event management solution, making it crucial to evaluate each option carefully based on the event’s specific requirements.

Security remains a top priority across all pricing models. Ensuring that the chosen event management software adheres to stringent security standards is essential, irrespective of the cost. Integrating an open-source CRM with the event management software will extend the software’s functionality. This consideration is paramount as it protects the organizer’s and attendees’ data, reinforcing trust and reliability in the event management process.

Pricing Model #1: Free Options

InEvent stands out as the superior platform for professional and seamless event management. Developed with a global perspective, InEvent integrates all facets of event planning—from ticket sales to comprehensive management—into one streamlined digital experience. It supports various event types, including conferences, weddings, and sports events, making it an adaptable solution for planners. Additionally, its browser-based accessibility enhances user convenience by removing the need for extra software installations.

Among its robust features, InEvent excels by facilitating the creation of elegant invitation and registration pages, managing ticket sales efficiently, and providing advanced promotional tools to amplify event visibility. Importantly, InEvent offers a Freemium license that remains free for a specific period, positioning it as an ideal solution for community-based or non-profit events that would like to test out their abilities before committing to payments. With scalable pricing plans, InEvent ensures that users only pay more for events that grow in scale as their needs increase.

Other platforms like Eventbrite and Cvent offer free plans, typically for smaller events or specific conditions such as charity events. These platforms often include a per-ticket fee structure once the event starts generating revenue, which can add up. Therefore, for event planners dedicated to minimizing upfront costs while retaining top-tier event management capabilities, InEvent provides a compelling, cost-effective solution that outshines competitors like Magnet Event Pro, Cvent, or Bizzabo. 

Pricing Model #2: Pay Per Registration

The pay-per-registration model in event management software offers a cost-effective approach for event organizers, especially those managing events with uncertain attendee numbers. This model ensures you only pay for actual registrations, making it ideal for events where attendance can vary.

Key Features and Standard Capabilities

  1. Online Registration and Payment Processing: Facilitates easy attendee sign-up and secure payment transactions.
  2. Mobile Tools and Event Pages: Enhances attendee engagement through accessible mobile interfaces and customized event pages.
  3. Email Communication and Social Media Integration: Streamlines communication and promotes events through various channels.
  4. Analytics: Provides valuable insights into registration trends and attendee behavior.

Cost Structure and Examples

  • InEvent: Provides a Freemium license for events that do not charge attendees, ensuring cost-free management for community and non-profit events. InEvent introduces a scalable pricing plan for commercial events that adjusts according to event size and complexity, aligning costs closely with client needs and growth.
  • Eventzilla charges a flat fee of $1 per registration and offers full features, including advanced analytics and marketing tools.
  • Cvent: Utilizes a variable pricing model that considers annual registration volume and desired features, tailoring costs to event specifics.
  • RegFox: Offers a competitive rate of 99¢ + 1% per paid registrant, making it a cost-effective option for many planners.

Comparative Savings with InEvent

InEvent emerges as the leading platform in event management regarding long-term financial benefits, offering significant savings that often surpass those available through other services such as RegFox, Eventbrite, and Cvent. For instance, compared to Hopin, InEvent users could enjoy potential savings of up to $100,000 over five years, demonstrating the extensive cost-effectiveness of InEvent’s Freemium and scalable pricing models.

This pricing strategy is particularly advantageous for event organizers. InEvent’s model, which includes a no-cost base service for events without entry fees, aligns perfectly with the needs of those organizing occasional or one-time events and regular large-scale gatherings. This approach ensures that costs are directly proportional to event size and success, facilitating better budget management and minimizing financial risk.

Why Choose InEvent Over Cvent and Others:

  • Greater Savings: While RegFox offers a pay-per-registration model that can be cost-effective, particularly for smaller or less frequent events, InEvent’s tiered pricing plan, coupled with its Freemium option, presents a more universally accessible and flexible solution. This model ensures that every organizer can hold events—regardless of their budget—while only paying more as their needs grow.
  • Strategic Financial Advantages: InEvent’s scalable pricing allows expenses to scale with actual attendee engagement. This is ideal for controlling costs in both high and low-turnout scenarios, which is crucial for maintaining budget integrity and ensuring financial predictability.
  • Comprehensive Features Beyond Cost Savings: Beyond just cost savings, InEvent offers a robust suite of features, including advanced analytics, marketing tools, and 24/7 support that enhance the value proposition, making it not only a cost-effective choice but also a high-quality, all-inclusive event management solution.

By choosing InEvent, planners optimize their investment based on the scale and frequency of their events and benefit from a comprehensive platform that supports every aspect of event management with precision and efficiency. This makes InEvent the preferred option for those seeking to maximize their resources and event success potential.

Pricing Model #3: Subscription-Based

  • Subscription-based event management software is a popular choice for many organizations. It offers a predictable expense with scalable features tailored to the needs of small and large events. This model typically involves a monthly or annual fee, which grants access to a suite of tools essential for efficient event management.

Tiered Subscription Options

  1. Platform Tier: Starting at $6,000 per event and $9,000 when billed annually, this tier allows up to 10 events with unlimited users. Features include attendee list management, check-in capabilities, an event webpage builder, housing, mobile app, email analytics, and registration payment processing. The platform tier is further divided into 4 branches: 
  • V&H Advanced Tier: This tier is mainly for basic needs for an on-site event. Features include Virtual events with the award-winning InEvent Live Studio, Virtual Lobby, RTMP streaming, on-demand content and analytics.
  • V&H Full: We offer hybrid events out of the box, powerful integrations for the Enterprise, and a dedicated project management team.
  • V&H Pro Tier For In-Person IRL live events with registration, mobile app, housing, badge printing, email communications, and analytics.
  • Webinar: Webinars with unlimited registrations, unique Live Studio, and Accessibility.
  1. Onsite Tier: Billed per event, this option increases the event capacity to 50 – 1,000 attendees. Depending on the range of onsite tiers you choose, the number of iPads, lanyards, adhesive labels, and badges will vary.

Custom and Advanced Options

Custom plans are available for organizations requiring a higher capacity or specialized features. These plans cater to event capacities ranging from much larger audiences than 1,000 attendees with pricing variables based on the organization’s specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that companies of any size can find a suitable event management solution without compromising functionality.

InEvent’s robust platform seamlessly integrates with multiple business tools among the various providers. This platform offers exceptional value for subscribers seeking comprehensive event management solutions, making InEvent an excellent option for those prioritizing extensive integrations and high customization in their event management software.

Pricing Model #4: Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise event management software solutions cater to large events and projects, offering a range of advanced features designed to streamline complex event logistics.

InEvent: Customized and Comprehensive Enterprise Solutions

Specializing in hybrid and virtual event management, InEvent offers a versatile platform with transparent pricing tailored for large-scale professional events. Key features include 24/7 support, branded and customizable tools, and a robust security protocol ensuring data privacy. Prices and packages are adaptable to meet the specific needs of large organizations, making it an excellent choice for those who require reliability and extensive service integration capabilities.

Cvent and ExhibitPower: Comprehensive Enterprise Offerings

  1. Cvent Event Management: Known for its robust platform, Cvent provides enterprise solutions priced between $5,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Key features include advanced registration capabilities, an attendee hub, on-arrival services, and additional tools for venue and vendor sourcing, event diagramming, and abstract management.
  2. ExhibitPower: This web-based application serves companies with custom or semi-custom offerings, starting at $15,000 per month for up to 500 internal users. It’s tailored for enterprises needing a powerful tool to manage extensive product and service portfolios.

Bizzabo and Swoogo: Flexibility and Integration

  • Bizzabo: Offers customizable enterprise solutions that support complex, large-scale event programs. Bizzabo’s pricing is designed to accommodate the extensive needs of large organizations.
  • Swoogo: Known for its user-based pricing, Swoogo provides enterprise solutions with no additional charge for using over 30 built-in integrations and 14 payment gateways, making it a versatile choice for businesses looking for extensive software support without extra costs.

These enterprise solutions provide the scalability and customization necessary for managing large, intricate events, ensuring that every aspect, from attendee registration to post-event analysis, is handled efficiently.

Factors Influencing Pricing

Event Management Software Pricing Range and Models

Event management software pricing can vary significantly, ranging from as low as $1 to thousands per month, influenced by various pricing models such as perpetual licenses, subscriptions, and open-source licenses. Each model comes with its own financial implications, from upfront costs to long-term investments in maintenance and upgrades.

Overlooked and Hidden Costs

When considering the total cost of ownership, it’s crucial to account for often overlooked expenses such as data migration, training, hardware, IT support, and regular software updates. Additionally, hidden costs associated with event management apps, like customization and integration with other systems, can quickly accumulate, leading to potential overspending.

Factors Determining Software Pricing

The pricing of event management software is determined by multiple factors:

  1. Event Scale and Complexity: Larger and more complex events require more robust software solutions, which can increase the cost.
  2. Features and Functionality: Basic software plans might cover essentials like registration management, while more advanced plans could include features such as analytics and exhibitor management, impacting the price.
  3. Customization and Integration Needs: Customizing user interfaces or integrating with CRM systems can add to the costs.
  4. Security and Compliance: Ensuring robust security measures and compliance certifications can also elevate the pricing.

InEvent stands out by offering a scalable and adaptable platform, ideal for those who regularly host or exhibit at events, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising on essential features and support.


Throughout this comprehensive guide, we’ve navigated the intricate landscape of event management software pricing, unraveling the various models from free and pay-per-registration options to subscription-based and enterprise solutions. Each model offers unique advantages and considerations tailored to accommodate the diverse needs and scales of events. InEvent stands out as an exceptional choice that efficiently bridges flexibility, extensive integrations, and customization opportunities, making it an indispensable tool for those seeking a comprehensive event management solution without compromising on quality and range of services.

As the event planning sector continues to evolve, understanding the financial implications of your chosen event management software remains critical. Opting for a platform like InEvent ensures a robust suite of features and provides significant long-term savings and a customizable experience tailored to your specific event needs.

To truly grasp how InEvent’s pricing and capabilities exceed others, we encourage readers to book a meeting with InEvent. This step might be your move towards optimizing your event management processes, ensuring financial efficiency and elevated experiences for your attendees.

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