6 Tips For Promoting Your Event On LinkedIn

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Posted on October 6, 2022

Event promotion, marketing, and content distribution have never been easier. LinkedIn has over 756 million users worldwide, with over 675 million monthly visitors. Consequently, this platform is excellent for increasing your reach and promoting your event. 

LinkedIn is committed to helping professionals and businesses grow through its networking capabilities. Furthermore, because the platform has a simpler algorithm than other social media, you can use LinkedIn to advertise internationally, reaching more people in your online community. 

As long as you are active on LinkedIn, you can stand out from your competitors. Thus, you can reach a larger audience and successfully promote your event. Let’s look at tips for promoting your event on LinkedIn and reaching a larger audience.

#1 – LinkedIn Content

Thanks to LinkedIn’s sponsored content, more people can see your updates and content. This service is paid, and you can use it to target a specific market. Filters like industry, location, job title, and interests can help identify your target audience.

A typical example of sponsored advertisement is random posts on your social media feed with the word “sponsored” next to them. This tool can effectively increase your content’s reach beyond your followers and network. 

Carousel, video, and single-image ads are other LinkedIn features that allow you to reach highly engaged people and interact with professional feeds. 

Your target audience will see the sponsored ads on their homepage feed, increasing your event’s visibility and attendance.

#2 – Direct Messages

LinkedIn is committed to helping people achieve their business or career goals. So, the best time to take advantage of your network is now. In addition, your network can help attract and encourage people to attend your event. For instance, through direct messaging, you can ask any of your LinkedIn connections to help promote your event.

Your connections are more likely to promote your event if it is relevant to their career path. They can even bring colleagues on the same career path along. Furthermore, communicating with your connections in a friendly manner can also encourage them to promote your event. Fortunately, you can message up to 50 top-tier connections at once.

A LinkedIn premium account is even more beneficial in this case. With LinkedIn premium, you can send direct messages to people you don’t know. Consequently, you get to reach a larger audience.

Direct messaging is useful for reaching out to your contacts and expanding your reach. You can use tools such as LinkedHelper to automate such processes and grow your network faster. An incredible hack is to prioritize people with a large following or those who will support your event. Furthermore, always uncheck the “show all email addresses” box to avoid privacy breaches or awkward situations.

#3 – LinkedIn Groups

You can also use existing business groups to tap into existing communities. In the LinkedIn search bar, you can find groups relevant and appropriate for your event. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that LinkedIn groups are for discussions and not self-promotion. Also, the group’s house rules are usually listed in the right-hand corner. So, ensure you read and follow them.

After reading through the groups’ postings and discussions, you should know if the group is relevant for your event. If so, you can contact the group admin and ask the admin to mention your event. Ensure you explain how beneficial your event is to the group members.

Although this step seems tedious, always remember that admins have greater reach. And you can’t reach as many members without them.

#4 – Create A LinkedIn Group For The Event

If there is no group for your niche, you can create one. After creating the group, invite people, including speakers or sponsors to join. The group allows people to meet before the event and get to know each other. Furthermore, potential attendees will see others who signed up to attend the event. 

It is best to start discussion threads in the group to see which topics are most popular with your attendees. Then, you can include these topics in your programming and presentations, giving your event the right mix of topics. 

#5 – Post A Message On Your Company Page

You can post a short message between 200 and 500 words about your event on your company page. It is best to ensure that the message describes your event in detail. Furthermore, this message helps people see what they should expect from your event. So, ensure you include feedback and testimonials from previous attendees. 

It is also a great idea to show people you enjoyed the event, even as the organizer. Suppose your audience feels the event is also for fun and to socialize. In that case, it can make a massive difference in whether they attend or not. 

#6 – Linkedin Outreach

LinkedIn outreach is an effective way to directly engage potential attendees by personalizing your event promotion. This strategy utilizes LinkedIn’s vast networking platform to connect with and inform your target audience about your event. Personalized Outreach Start with personalized connection requests to potential attendees, briefly mentioning your event and why it might interest them. After connecting, send a detailed follow-up message with the event’s specifics, emphasizing its relevance to their professional growth. Content Sharing Share content related to your event, like articles or videos, to engage your audience and highlight the event’s value.

Encourage speakers and past attendees to share their positive experiences, leveraging their testimonials to boost credibility and interest. Engagement and Responsiveness Actively engage with responses to your outreach, thanking people for their interest and addressing any inquiries promptly. This active engagement helps build a sense of community and can lead to higher attendance rates. Utilizing automated LinkedIn outreach tools can streamline the process of connecting with potential attendees, making it easier to scale your promotion efforts efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Promoting your event on LinkedIn has been made easier. All you have to do is follow the tips discussed and get people to attend your event. Fortunately, the bulk of the work is already done if you have connections and a  network.

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