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Posted on January 28, 2022

Since work, as we know it, has evolved tremendously over the past few years, new technologies for the workplace have jumped in to save the day. Here are some of the best platforms for workplace.


The University of Chicago’s Becker Friedman Institute for Economics surveyed 10 000 employees and found that as a result of people working from home, people saved a whopping 9 billion hours between mid-March 2020 to mid-September 2020. 

Working from home saves valuable time, giving people more time to themselves and more time to spend with their loved ones. Additionally, according to the state of remote work survey by Owl Labs, only 36% of people believe the office is best suited for individual work.

Suffice to say; it makes absolute sense for companies to invest in platforms that would empower teams to work and collaborate in the most efficient ways possible.

What is a workplace platform?

A workplace platform allows the integration of tools necessary for a companies’ employees to fulfill their daily duties. 

It serves as a centralised space that streamlines processes, creating a space conducive to optimal performance, even when their team members are not in the same place at the same time.

The most efficient digital workplace platforms highlight the importance of collaboration. According to teamwork statistics, 39% of employees report a lack of collaboration, while online collaboration tools scale up productivity by 30%.

Online collaboration tools scale up productivity by 30%.

What are online collaboration tools used for?

Online collaboration tools are web-based applications connected to a workplace platform that offers teams the opportunity to get work done collaboratively in a digital space.  

Online collaboration tools are used for:

  • Connecting remote and in-house teams
  • Creating a transparent workplace 
  • Organization and multitasking
  • Coordinating projects and events
  • Keeping track of the team’s progress

Examples of online collaboration tools include instant messaging (IM), link, file and screen sharing options, audio and video calls, digitalization of postal mail for online team access, and external application integration capabilities. Without a proper management system, these assets can easily become disorganized, leading to wasted time because of multiple duplicates or lost files. Digital Asset Management (DAM) software becomes an indispensable tool for organizing, storing, and retrieving media files effectively.

Best ways to collaborate and work together online

Communication is key to collaboration, but that can be a challenge for remote companies. Global teams may not be accustomed to cultivating a company culture inclusive of team members in different countries. 

Communication is key to collaboration

Tools like InEvent’s networking roulette randomly match users to one another for timed video conferencing, creating an opportunity for co-workers to become familiar with each other.

Once team members become familiar with one another, communication becomes more manageable, leading to better collaboration.

Working remotely means that it is imperative to have access to tools that streamline the process for efficient teamwork. 

Here are 6 tools to help your team collaborate better.

Task and project management tools

  1. Trello – allows the creation of task boards with notes, lists, cards, Power-Ups like Google Drive integration, assigned members, and due dates.
  2. Nifty – It’s user-friendly and flexible interface helps project managers more effectively manage tasks, track time, and reach goals. It also has helpful integrations for quick data accessibility.”
  3. ProofHub – provides an all-in-one collaborative platform for teams to work together with improved task assignment, tracking projects’ progress, instant communication, file sharing, resource allocation, proofing, and more in a centralized space, providing you with ultimate control over projects and teams.
  4. Monday.com – interactive and one of the most intuitive task management tools on the market. Monday.com is visual and collaborative with external application integration, file uploads, tagging of team members, and deadlines.
  5. Basecamp – helps teams work on multiple projects simultaneously, with to-do lists, assigned team members and due dates.
  6. Asana – offers visual organization with timelines, lists, and boards.
  7. Jira – allows the tracking of projects with user stories, sprints, and distributed tasks. 
  8. TeamStage – one of the few free project management tools on the market, TeamStage offers a simple interface with options to view overlapping tasks, total time spent on projects, and the capability to log billable hours. For more in-depth research, check out this comprehensive list of project management software.

Communication tools in the workplace

Gone are the days of staff meetings in the boardroom. With remote work taking center stage, practical communication tools are highly demanded.

A Harvard Business Review study found that 80% of employees spend time on collaborative tasks with their colleagues.

Benefits of communication tools:

  • Transparency and the seamless sharing of information
  • Less email traffic
  • Open, searchable communication
  • Easy file-sharing options
  • Better organization with dedicated channels for each department

How can online collaboration tools lead to productivity?

Collaborative work is five times more likely to result in higher performance, according to a survey by the Institute for Corporate Productivity and Professor Rob Cross of Babson College.

Collaboration leads to productivity by:

  • Encouraging creativity
  • Building a sense of community
  • Enhancing problem solving

Here are the top 3 communication platforms examples for your remote team

  1. Slack – boasts security, instant messaging, group chats, voice messaging, and a huddle feature, which serves as a virtual room for audio communication. Slack is instant and allows calendar integration and the creation of various channels that can be segmented into different departments for transparency.
  2. Flock – offers channels for team projects, direct messaging, company directories to communicate with anyone within your organisation, and mail cast for mass communication.
  3. InEvent – is a video-first solution to team meetings and real-time communication. Create different activities serving as virtual meeting rooms. The platform allows seamless file sharing, networking roulette to get to know team members at random, polling, and chat functionalities.


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