Cielo and InEvent: a case of success in event logistics, communication and engagement

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Posted on October 19, 2018

Cielo is a Brazilian company founded in 1995 that offers financial institutions services in monitoring, capturing, and processing electronic transactions. Cielo is currently the leading payment system operator in Latin America and is present in more than 5,000 cities.

The 2017 Cielo convention brought together more than 1,000 employees to discuss future innovations. The event challenges were to improve the company’s communication and management, in addition to engaging the attendees.

The initial solutions presented by InEvent helped in logistics at Cielo, such as RSVP, accreditation, hosting organizations and flight information. There were a total of 1,125 downloads of the event App, an InEvent solution that worked as a corporate social media and provided an engagement rate of 100% with attendees posting photos, sending a total of 1,140 messages, and liking/commenting on publications.

The event App was also used to prevent queuing problems during the accreditation process. The participants presented to totems for fast label printing, thereby automating the process. If there were any unforeseen circumstances, InEvent’s On-Site team was there to assist in the use of the platform.

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