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6 Ways of keeping your audience engaged after hosting a webinar

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Posted on September 20, 2022

Hosting a webinar is a great way to connect with your audience and share valuable information with them. You can also use it to gather high-quality leads that you can pursue later on.

However, hosting a webinar is not an easy task. You need to do several things before the event, such as promoting the webinar, managing registrations, and preparing your materials. Then, during the webinar, you need to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that your audience is fully engaged with what you’re discussing.

After the event is over, your work isn’t done yet. You still need to keep your audience engaged so that they remember the value you provided and are more likely to do business with you in the future. Here are a few ways you can keep your audience engaged after your webinar:

1. Create Engaging Social Media Posts About the Webinar

During the webinar, don’t forget to promote your social media accounts. Aside from keeping your audience engaged while you’re talking, you should ask the attendees to follow your account on different social media platforms to stay updated with your upcoming events or posts.

After the webinar, you should start posting engaging content about the webinar that you recently hosted. Make sure to create posts that will remind your followers of what they learned and how valuable the information was.

Make your posts engaging by trying to start a conversation with your target audience. You can ask them questions regarding their key takeaways from the webinar, their insights, or their favorite part of the event. This will encourage them to comment on your post, which will help to increase the reach of your post and keep the conversation going.

2. Post Your Webinar Recording

If you had a successful webinar, chances are that some of your audience members would love to watch the recording so they can review the information again. Post the recording of your webinar on your website and promote it using your social media accounts or email so that people can watch it at their convenience.

Sharing an on-demand recording of your webinar will also benefit your target audience who missed the event. This will allow them to watch the recording and catch up on the information they missed. Once they realize that your webinars are informational and helpful, the higher the chances are that they will not miss your next webinar.

Remember to promote your webinar recording for the next 30 to 60 days. Doing so will help you ensure that your target audience knows about the recording of your webinar. This will also give your new followers a chance to watch your recent webinar and get to know your brand better.

3. Share Statistics

After the webinar, send a follow-up email to all attendees or create a social media post and include information about how many people attended the live event. You can also share some key statistics from the webinar, such as the number of questions that were asked or the amount of time spent on each slide.

This will show your attendees that you’re invested in their engagement and that you care about the success of your webinars. It will also give them a sense of what to expect from future events, which will encourage them to attend again.

You should also share some of the key statistics you shared during your webinar. Doing so will remind the attendees of what they learned from your event and how valuable the information was. This will also allow those who missed the webinar to still learn from an expert like yourself.

4. Create a Community on Facebook

If you want to keep your audience engaged after your webinar, consider creating a community on Facebook. This will give attendees a place to interact with other members of the community and discuss their insights or opinions about the webinar.

Additionally, creating an online community will allow you to connect with your target audience on a more personal level and continue the conversation that you started. You can use it to continue providing valuable content and answer any questions they may have.

Having a Facebook community consisting of your target audience is also handy if you are hosting a webinar again. Now, you have a place to promote your upcoming event where you know that it will be received well.

5. Write Content Based on the Webinar

Another way to keep your target audience engaged after your webinar is to write blog posts or articles based on the topics you covered during the event. This will remind them of what they learned from the webinar and help them to further understand the concepts.

Additionally, this will show that you are an expert on the topic and that you are invested in providing valuable information to your target audience. This will encourage them to trust your brand and continue reading your content.

If you want to take it a step further, consider creating a video series or an e-book that expands on the topics you covered during the webinar. This can help establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

Make sure to promote the content you’ve written on your website using your social media accounts. This will help increase your reach and get more of your followers to read your content. You should also consider working with a marketing agency that specializes in social media for better results.

5. Use an Email List to Improve Your Remarketing

You should also use an email list to improve your remarketing and keep your audience engaged after a webinar. By collecting email addresses during the registration process, you can follow up with attendees after the event and continue marketing to them.

This will allow you to send targeted emails with information about upcoming events or new content that would be of interest to them. Additionally, you can use this list to segment your audience so that you’re only sending relevant information to those who are interested in it.

Building an email list is an essential part of any marketing strategy, so make sure you’re collecting email addresses from your target audience. This will help you to keep them engaged after your webinar and continue marketing to them long-term.

6. Establish Connections With Your Audience

Keeping your audience engaged after a webinar can help you to establish connections with them and build relationships. This is essential for any business, as it can help you to retain customers and grow your brand. You can also use the relationships you’ve established to ensure that you always have an audience segment that you know will be interested in the webinars you host.

This article was written by guest author Bernard San Juan III, Managing Partner of Truelogic who comes from a successful career in online companies, where he played a critical role in building & managing workforce groups. He has redesigned the organization’s IT infrastructure to improve order processing and logistics

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