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Posted on January 28, 2022

What many consider to be relaxing and entertaining, is on the other side of a very stressful industry: event planning and management.

If you are an event professional, know that you are not alone. Here are some of the most insightful podcasts for event professionals. From event horror stories to audiovisual tech trends, these podcasts have everything you need to put your best foot forward in the events industry.

Top 9 podcasts for event professionals

  1. EventLand
  2. Events: demystified
  3. Dare to Interrupt 
  4. Events UnPaused
  5. Event Up
  6. Event Manager Podcast 
  7. The events podcast
  8. The Event Hustlers
  9. The Event Tech Talk Show


EventLand, an InEvent community of event professionals launched its debut season entitled Event Horror Stories. 

The show centres around real-life horror stories from event planners who killed fires in the midst of producing world class events. Event planners are transparent in sharing their experiences and some of their key learnings in the process. 

EventLand episode titles include:

  • The silver lining of event planning
  • The adventures of being an event planner and emcee
  • Tackling technical event planning and boutique event management

Season 2 of EventLand will be launched on 4 February 2022.

Events: demystified

Anca Trifan from Treefan events is a veteran woman in event tech. Anca aims to demystify the production and technology behind live, virtual and hybrid events and prides herself on being a woman in the audiovisual industry.

She shares her behind-the-scenes insight into her experience producing the technological side of events. Her aim is to share knowledge to ensure that listeners will be successful in planning events of all formats.

Events: Demystified episode titles include: 

  1. Setbacks into comebacks, authenticity and imposter syndrome
  2. Experience design for virtual and hybrid events
  3. The secret weapon to a successful trade show – virtual and hybrid

Dare to Interrupt

Courtney Stanley from Meetings Today features influential women in the events industry. She engages women on hard-hitting topics that women in the industry face. Dare to Interrupt, as the name suggests, challenges women to interrupt what has been considered the norms of the industry.

Dare to Interrupt episode titles include:

  • Hard decisions, leadership lessons and the road ahead
  • Unapologetic advocacy – using your voice to create change
  • Fate favors the bold: entrepreneurship and the future of events

Events UnPaused

A five-episode podcast by Maritz Global Events talks specifically about how the Covid-19 pandemic changed the events industry and how it will affect the future of events.

The podcast highlights key learnings, the relationship between events and the pandemic, and how to reimagine event strategies. 

Events UnPaused episode titles include:

  • Is hybrid here to stay?
  • Events safety during and after Covid-19
  • The future of events and where events industry is going


Chief experience officer and founder of Innovative Marketing Group, Amanda Ma discusses event industry news, trends and other event related topics. 

With more than 15 years in the events industry, she shares her secrets to success in virtual events and conferencing

EventUp Episode titles include:

  • What’s next in the world of events for 2022
  • The inside scoop on the latest in events industry trends
  • Get people to show up to your virtual event

Event Manager Podcast

Event MB produces the Event Manage Podcast, which features innovators in the industry. 

With a focus on event technology, case studies of past events and thinking towards the future in event design, this is the podcast for the futuristic event planner.

Event manager podcast episode titles include:

  • Taking the stress out of conference planning
  • How Data and Strategic Marketing Drive Better Event ROI
  • The rise of the event technologist in the age of hybrid events

The events podcast

Featuring tips, tricks and tactics to produce profitable events, the Events Podcast looks at ways for event planners to be free from stress while producing various types of events.

The show features events in various formats such as meetups, conferences and everything in-between. 

The Events Podcast episode titles include:

  • Empowering female entrepreneurs through events
  • Audience engagement and event photography
  • Living in an RV and running events for hackers

The Event Hustlers

CEO of Liz King Events and techsytalk, Liz King Caruso talks to multiple thought leaders in the events industry.

Liz offers an array of relatable topics and discusses technology, ethics and engagement to name a few.

The Event Hustlers episode titles include:

  • Dissecting virtual events
  • Learning from virtual companies featuring Pedro Goes
  • Upleveling virtual event production

The Event Tech Talk Show

Event Tech Live produces The Event Tech Talk Show. The show is aimed at bringing event planners and event technology professionals and suppliers together.

Event industry professionals come together on this platform to share their experience with event technology. 

The Event Tech Talk Show episode titles include:

  • Has event tech innovation already slowed down or even stopped?
  • Lead generation strategies in virtual events
  • Event tech predictions 2022

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