Sponsorship for events: three tips to raise up more money today.

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Posted on October 16, 2019

How about starting to raise sponsorship for your corporate events today? Structuring an irresistible proposal to win event sponsorship requires a few points of attention, but it’s easier than it might look like. Follow these tips and close deals with sponsors.

1. Prospect!

Ok, you might even have a dream sponsor in your mind. It’s that one who has the perfect fit with your event. But don’t play all-in on only one brand. Search for a reasonable number of companies to submit your proposal, at least 15.

This is a key sponsorship for events tip: prospect multiple companies. To do this, start by consulting the personas of your event or brand and what they usually consume. Make contact with brands that are known to your audience.

This analysis is very important. Thus, your event will directly reach the personas that your sponsor also wants to conquer. It’s a plus point!

2. Create a killer presentation.

Speaking of making an amazing presentation is easy. But you need to know the information you can’t miss to present your event to potential sponsors.

Deliver a visually impactful presentation with the help of your design team. Be careful not to make any grammatical mistakes, and if you have a video teaser of your event, even better! With branding in mind, list the following topics for your presentation. Make sure you show:

  • The overall event project and its vision: Why was your event born? What is your main purpose?
  • A detailed description of your business: Now it’s time to introduce your business, your market focus and your value proposition.
  • How can the event impact the market where it is located ? Show the differentials and innovations of your event.
  • Data from past events: This step is critical. Success data from the previous editions event is important to prove the value of the project. Remember, at the end of each event, generate graphic reports with participant engagement, areas of greatest circulation, ticket sales, organic dissemination on social networks, among others. If you already have a corporate event management platform, you can easily query this data via analytics. At the end of the presentation, you can have a QR code (created via a QR code maker) for viewers to scan so they can check out your website or any document.

3. Offer quotas.

Ok, that’s the big difference of any sponsorship proposal for events. When prospecting companies and structuring their presentation, consider offering different sponsor quotas. This is important because it allows more companies to fit your proposal.

For example, a company may fund 10% of its event, which may correspond to a more basic package, which we will call here “bronze” (on a bronze, silver and gold scale). Therefore, the more a company wants to invest in your event, the more benefits it will have. Consider the example below for more insights:

  • Bronze | Sponsor’s logo at the venue; sponsor image disclosure on the event’s website. Disclosure of the sponsor’s logo on the banner and flyer of the event, both physical and social networks.
  • Silver | All previous and more: sponsor product display at the event; sponsor disclosure in the event application; sponsor’s logo on the giveaways of the event.
  • Gold | All of the above, in addition to brand content disclosure on your social networks; logo on the shirt of the participants of the event; sponsor screen display; space for lectures or presentation panels at the event.

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