Storytelling Top 3: cases of captivating and consistent brand messages.

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Posted on January 22, 2020

Now that you already know the 7 steps to create perfect storytelling, let’s get back to the foundations: every successful brand tells a story. In other words, it is important to have a reason behind every move a brand makes. Each action has to have a story with which people can identify.

So, today, we are going to show you some examples of storytelling that, applied to the corporate universe, can leverage the public’s identification with your brand or product.

An inspiring story can come from many places. This means that you don’t have to stick to just marketing cases to look for references when building your next narrative.

Storytelling is a synonym of logic sequence, but with emotion.

Think about David Bowie, for instance. His most famous musical character was an idol from another planet in search of a meaning for his existence, Ziggy Stardust. The musician was sensitive when exploring a theme that was in everyone’s imagination in the 1960s, when the man had just stepped on the moon and the possibilities of life in space began to take over people’s imagination. It is about this sensitivity of capturing people’s emotions at the ideal timing that we are referring to.

These are just a few examples of inspiring narratives that we see around the world – but it’s time to go back to the corporate universe to rev up your next marketing plan. Are you ready to meet our TOP 3 examples of storyteling?

1.Year in Search 2019 (Google)

There’s nothing like starting our storytelling examples with one of the biggest success stories on the market: Google. The company brings together several successful marketing campaigns, such as search designs that honor great personalities, or the annual Year in Search campaign.

The campaign shows some of the most searched topics in different countries each year. To escape the controversies that polarized the world in the political field, the solution was to choose a theme that Google searched for to tell a story – in this case, the heroes. The result is a simple, exciting and inspiring video.

2. Women also like soccer (Heineken)

Generation Z may not remember, but until recently, beer commercials followed a tireless cliché that seemed like a rule: always referring to summer, often a woman with a sexy body. That was a direct association with the product. But over time, the male approach became tiring and obsolete.

With that in mind, Heineken had the genius of reversing the cliché in its Valentine’s Day campaign in 2016: with a narrative full of good ideas, the woman here appears not with little clothes and associated with the consumer product, but as an appreciator of beer and also football.

3. Belong Anywhere (Air BNB)

Air Bnb saw in the routine video marketing action of the end of the year the ideal opportunity to create an exciting storytelling. To thank the users who made the brand hit the one million properties for hosting in 2016, the brand created a narrative with the motto “belong anywhere” (or belong anyware): “with more than one million accommodations around around the world, you are never alone ”, says the ad. Simple and impactful, as a good storytelling should be.

In addition, the company even used the symbolic number for a charitable action: $ 1 million was donated to The UN Refugee Agency.

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