innovations transforming virtual events

Tech innovations that are transforming virtual events

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Posted on May 13, 2021

Our top picks of tech innovations that promise to make hybrid and virtual events that much better.

Nearing the end of 2020, the trendy term for the moment was “the new normal.” And although that term was spreading faster than the virus itself, no one had a definitive answer about what that would look like. It seems the new normal is taking shape, and thanks to the latest tech innovations, we can finally re-imagine the future of hybrid and virtual events.

innovations for virtual events

Top tech innovations for virtual events

Although virtual events might not have the same social distancing challenges that hybrid events may have, the tech innovations introduced at this time have been nothing short of revolutionary!

Tech innovations: VR technology

Virtual reality (VR) technology

Gone are the days when VR only applied to gaming. VR has taken the world by storm, particularly in the era of Covid-19. As we all grasped for a taste of what we once considered normal, VR gave virtual events an edge that many other technologies could not – simulated real-world experiences. 

Many historical museums and art exhibitions turned to VR to keep the experience of cultural entertainment alive. Virtual trade shows have embraced VR to take attendees on tours. Brands have used VR to showcase tutorials or demonstrate new products, and virtual events finally offered something close to reality.

Tech innovations: Personalization



We have missed human connection more than anything this year which was quite evident at the beginning of the pandemic. Things felt static for a while, but virtual event platforms have evolved tremendously and are now able to offer attendees a truly personalized experience. 

For example, InEvent offers attendees journey reports to give you insight into multiple data points. Once you are privy to specific attendees’ journeys, you can provide personalized content, and even integrate personalized event agendas into their calendars.

Your attendees will now be able to enjoy the convenience of preventing clashes on the day of your event. 

Integrated virtual event tech

Integrated virtual event tech

On the note of active participants, virtual event technology has shifted from simple video conferencing events where attendees log in, sit and watch. Virtual events are now multi-faceted. 

One event can have many branches, and attendees can choose their preferences. Main events can have breakout sessions. People can connect with other like-minded attendees at virtual networking sessions, VIP lounges, or even private rooms where attendees can spontaneously conduct one-on-one business meetings.

Hybrid events

Hybrid events

At this particular transition period where some countries are successfully managing the vaccination process, and people are thrilled to be surrounded by other people, hybrid events seem to be the perfect fit. Hybrid events offer flexibility and the added cost-benefit of event insurance should the unexpected occur, and the pandemic situation goes awry. 

Safety regulations and Covid-19 protocols

Safety regulations and Covid-19 protocols

By now, we are all very familiar with social distancing and sanitizing. Technology has already provided us with tools to make purchases online, limiting queues and increasing the flow of foot traffic.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) gave us a taste for the future by introducing products that would continue to protect us against Covid-19. Here are the latest tech innovations that can effectively enhance safety protocols to ensure safer hybrid events.

Top tech innovations for hybrid events

Virus Risk Indicators

Virus Risk Indicators


Air quality monitors such as Wave Plus for Business from Airthings can calculate the risk of the virus transmitting within any given room. It analyzes the ventilation rate and how likely the virus is to survive under those conditions, allowing event planners the opportunity to intervene and make the necessary adjustments.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers

Although not new to the scene, air purifiers are much more advanced than they used to be. Products like Clean Air Zone are setting the bar high with the promise to filter out SARS-CoV-2 particles, making indoor spaces a whole lot safer.

UVC Lights

UVC Lights

Photo by Rich Smith

Ultraviolet-c (UVC) radiation systems are standard in hospitals to prevent the spread of bacteria. Since the surge of Covid-19 worldwide, there has been an influx in UVC systems for homes, businesses, and other venues. UVC lights can disinfect surfaces and other items that you may come into contact with often, like bags and cellphones.

Project Hazel face mask

Project Hazel face mask

So we’re all tired of the surgical face masks. Gaming company Razer has made face masks a whole lot trendier. Donned as the world’s smartest mask, Project Hazel includes a rechargeable ventilator with a UV sanitizer that disinfects the mask while it charges. It features voice amp technology to ensure no muffling and a clear shield, so you can say goodbye to hiding behind a mask for good.

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